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We invest in social enterprises and social businesses. This includes loans and equity investments. Occasionally we will use grant funding when a venture has a compelling social impact proposition but is not investment ready.


Soul Capital is not just money. It is a blend of human, social, and financial capital, driven by passion to make enterprise a positive force for our society and our planet. This is why we use the collective capability of the Soul Capital community to support the ventures we invest in.


We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to disrupt the systems that perpetuate the ‘wicked problems’ that plague our society. Although this can be achieved through ‘direct benefit’ where vulnerable populations are provided direct assistance,  models which render obsolete the current system which made that population vulnerable, can be more powerful.

Soul Capital is an impact investment organisation that invests in social enterprises and social businesses in New Zealand and abroad. 

We are a community of business and community leaders, innovators, and change-makers who are looking to address the lack of investment capital that is available to these hybrid organisations. We do this through the provision of loans and equity investments.  

We make no apologies for supporting innovation that disrupts the status quo for the better.